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Approved Submissions
Here are submissions we have approved. We will use your feedback to select submissions for the contest.
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Title:  Shhhhhh... it's naked!
First Name:  Sue
My backyard is boring – a yawner it’s true.
It lacks inspiration- it’s drab and so blue.
I’d love to transform it- That’s why I need YOU!

Some shade to protect me from hot Southern sun.
Some chairs on which to put my buns.
Some color, some charm- a place to relax-
A place to rest my big fat- (oh I said that already).

Flowers and trees, I have big plans!
I’ll be happy to work with my very own hands!
The body is willing- the spirit alive
Let’s get it started- time for you to arrive!

Just me and the dog- the kids have all flown.
There’s only one thing that makes me postpone!
Funding, dinero, the lack of coin,
Vote for me! Come on please- JOIN!

Thanks for looking! Please vote!

City:  Rock Hill
State:  SC
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Title:  Backyard 030
First Name:  Fran
There is a back yard, oh so lonely.
That needs a makeover to make it oh so lovely.
The backyard owner is oh so lonely
A place to relax would be oh so lovely.
As you can see, the owner has tried
To keep this yard from looking so fried.
A fence has been added to keep the doggie near by.
A sprinkler systems sits idealing by
Waiting for flowers
To drench with a shower.
Oh, how lovely a makeover would be,
So mark your ballot with a vote for me.
City:  Rock Hill
State:  SC
Comments: (2)
Title:  Sloppy contractors
First Name:  cherie
I had septic problems an had to have new drain line put in. the green grass is gone now only have brown dirt , I use to love my back yard but now hate to go back ther please vote for me
City:  rockhill
State:  SC
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Title:  Full Court Press
First Name:  Ann
Basketball court or backyard?? It's hard to tell. Yes, there's a rusty, mildewed basketball goal in the middle of my backyard! This single mom has no idea how to remove it. On the off chance that someone actually wanted to play basketball, it would be impossible due to the fire ants, tall weeds, and sweetgum balls that populate my yard. Just beyond the basketball goal is a weed-infested former garden and a shed with a door that was blown off its hinges this winter. My children and I need a yard we can play in. Please help!
City:  Rock Hill
State:  SC
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First Name:  Sara

Spacious yard with lots of potential
looking for someone to make it beautiful!
Run down lawn with lots of weeds, dead flowers and mismatched plants
in desperate need of someone that knows what they are doing
to make this yard a peaceful retreat.
Owners are ready to retire and need a low maintenace outside
garden to enjoy the rest of their lives.
City:  Rock Hill
State:  SC
Comments: (2)
First Name:  melissa
No Tarzan in this jungle, just “me, Jane” and my 3-1/2 year-old daughter who is my “Little Monkey”! As much as we love swinging from the vines through the trees, we would love your help to tame this savage beast and bring some serenity to our lives! Please vote for us so we can lead a more civilized existence and my Little Monkey will have a safe, tranquil place to play and grow.
City:  Rock HIll
State:  SC
Comments: (3)
Title:  Norton's Sad Backyard
First Name:  Debbie
My backyard is in desperate need of a makeover. There are no flowers or shrubs to make it an inviting place to relax. My yard is the only yard in the neighborhood that does not have beautiful flowers or shrubs. My yard needs professional help to take it from sad and drab to exciting and welcoming! I would love to have my backyard turned into a beautiful place to entertain family and friends.
City:  Rock Hill
State:  SC
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Title:  what to do
First Name:  Julie
no shade in the evening, that when you want to relax or cook outside, just stumped of what to do !
City:  Rock Hill
State:  SC
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Title:  My Soul Speaks Of A Special Place!
First Name:  Harriett
After a hard day at work, my feet are aching, my back is hurting, and my mind is racing. I need a special place outdoors to clear my head. I like when the sun plays peek-a-boo through the trees on my face or when the wind whisper secrets in my ears, while the cool grass tickles my feet. My soul cries out for this SPECIAL place where I can enjoy nature!

My backyard is a secluded area that’s disconnected from the rest of the world. It could be that special place that I desire, but it needs a MAKEOVER. Right now it’s an empty space that is overgrown with wild things. I could use some flowers and plants to bring it to life and some furniture to create a more inviting setting that I can enjoy with others. Please help me turn my backyard into a SPECIAL place!
City:  Lancaster
State:  SC
Comments: (34)
Title:  The Backyard Blues :(
First Name:  Alecia
When spring time begins I find myself spending alot of time doing yard work. It takes me about 6 hours to cut the grass. You see I am a single Mom of two children 7 and 8yrs. old. I can pretty much do everything except change the spool on the weedeater. Which hopefully I will learn this week because the weeds are taking over. It is definitely taking time away from my kids having to work and take care of the yard. I can only imagine what it would be like to have an awesome little patio to grill out with the family and to sit by a fire pit at night. We would make wonderful memories in our backyard especially if we win.
City:  rock hill
State:  SC
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Title:  Teacher Seeks Relaxing Retreat
First Name:  Amanda
I have owned my own home for several years. I always dreamed of having a back yard I could escape to after a long day. I have been unable to make this dream a reality because of money. This contest would be an amazing blessing and would allow me to create the retreat of my dreams!
City:  Rock Hill
State:  SC
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Title:  The Ditch of Doom
First Name:  Vanessa
YIKES! The extremely wet winter has turned my "drainage culvert" into a "gulley washer". The kids think it is great, but I think it is an accident waiting to happen. I would like to save my big tree from becoming a victim of the receding land. I would also like to be able to let my dogs run in the fence without worrying about them falling in the water/hole.
City:  Rock Hill
State:  SC
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  1 2 3       Viewing: 1-12 of 28
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